What American Consumers Want

Riskified’s Consumer Survey Revealed

By Adam Chandler

May 2019

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Inside this report

Today’s shoppers have never had more options. And, for merchants, the margins for error have never been thinner. To decode today’s eCommerce customers, Riskified surveyed 5,000 consumers across all categories.

This report uncovers what inspires loyalty, how to build trust, and what keeps them coming back.

Table of Contents

A Diversity of Devices

The Wronged Customer

Timing is Everything

The Thrifty (Sometimes Shady) Customer

Learn how consumers buy today

Learn how consumers buy today

Find out when they shop and which devices they use

Court Millennial shoppers

Court Millennial shoppers

See how they’re different from other demographics

Understand the customer experience

Understand the customer experience

Know the roles friction & fraud play in the shopping journey