Power Retail: Critical Insights to Stay Ahead of Online Fraud

Learn about the actionable steps eCommerce merchants can take to address online fraud and enhance the customer experience.

April 2023

Inside This Report

Fraud attacks have become more organized and sophisticated than ever before. This reality leaves eCommerce merchants with no choice but to enhance their fraud prevention strategies or risk significant damage to their bottom line and brand reputation.

Power Retail and Riskified partnered to publish a new report, Stay Ahead of Fraud: Critical Insights For Your Business, which examines the latest online fraud trends impacting global eCommerce retailers. Get your copy to gain practical advice from Riskified’s fraud experts and Australia’s leading merchants on balancing fraud prevention with superior customer experiences to support profitable growth.

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Table of Contents

Executive Summary

Online Fraud – How Much Do You Really Know?

The Danger of Manual Fraud Processes

Is Hubris Hurting You?

About False Fraud Declines

Q & A with Basil Salah, Riskified Fraud Expert

Expert Quotes

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First-Hand Accounts from Leading Merchants

First-Hand Accounts from Leading Merchants

Hear what enterprise retailers like Chemist Warehouse say about leveraging Riskified for fraud prevention.

Most Common Mistakes to Avoid

Most Common Mistakes to Avoid

Learn how to identify, navigate, and overcome the biggest fraud prevention pitfalls facing online retailers.

Key Considerations for Fighting Fraud

Key Considerations for Fighting Fraud

Gain the maximum benefits for your business with the right fraud prevention solution.