Rue Gilt Groupe Enhances Customer Experiences with Riskified

See how Riskified works with Rue Gilt Groupe to enable seamless order fulfillment during peak seasons

Meet Rue Gilt Groupe

Rue Gilt Groupe (RGG) is a leading off-price eCommerce portfolio company, connecting a loyal member base to premium luxury brands. While RGG already had a low chargeback rate, its rule-based system required continuous maintenance and monitoring. Manually reviewing 20% of its order volume caused fulfillment delays of 2-3 days during peak seasons.

Since working with Riskified, RGG has not only improved its low chargeback rate but has also seen a substantial lift in approval rates. And with automatic decisions, orders are processed within seconds, enhancing their customer experience and ultimately, their lifetime value.

Trinidad Poisson

Sr. Manager, Fraud Prevention at Rue Gilt Groupe

Riskified has helped us see a substantial lift in our approval rates.