Valérie Candau

Ecommerce 2021: Rethinking Digital Challenges & Opportunities

Forrester indicates that 27% of brands improved their CX Index score in 2020 – a notable jump. But the crisis made clear the gap between customer experience leaders and the laggards: 70% of the most digitally mature companies significantly outpaced their competition. To build up resilience and drive recovery in the long run, eCommerce merchants must … Continued

Five eCommerce Shopping Trends to Expect in 2020

To survive and thrive, many merchants today understand that in 2020, they will need to favor proactivity, over reactivity. And while shopping journeys have become increasingly complex, the opportunities to find the most efficient tools have never been so abundant. In this blog post, we’ll take a closer look at five key eCommerce shopping trends … Continued

How Frictionless eCommerce Risk Management Drives Sales

With unlimited access to information, the proliferation of distribution channels, and the abundance of choices right at their fingertips, modern consumers have never been so influential on how business gets done. Customer-centricity is here to stay, and companies unable to provide exceptional experiences to their customers won’t survive. This blog post examines how frictionless eCommerce … Continued

Best Fraud & eCommerce Events to Attend in 2019

For our 2020 recommended eCommerce conferences – click here! Ecommerce conferences, just like the eCommerce business-scape, have evolved considerably. On the heels of the global ascent of online shopping, new types of hybrid events are appearing: from traditional trade shows to more business-to-business meeting formats, and most of all, retail events that reflect the symbiotic … Continued