eCommerce Expansion

Using Stolen Credit Cards to Buy Gift Cards

With consumer spending remaining solid, the overall forecast for 2022 holiday season shopping will be better than expected. Still, fears of recession and rising inflation amidst supply chain woes weigh heavy on shoppers’ minds. This year, 60% of consumers will rely on gift cards to fill gaps in product availability and combat high prices. But to grow the bottom … Continued

ACH vs Credit Card Is Making a Comeback in Ecommerce

What’s old always seems to become new again, even within the payment landscape. ACH, or automated clearing house, an old-school payment method you probably associate with your monthly paychecks, is having a moment in eCommerce. The National Automated Clearing House Association (NACHA) created this network in the 1970s to connect all US banks and enable … Continued

The Japanese Midyear Holiday Season

The Opportunity Summer is a season of increased spending across Japan, as people exchange Ochugen gifts. Riskified data shows a sharp increase in eCommerce transactions beginning on July 1st and continuing throughout the summer. This is a unique global phenomenon; In 2020, across most of the globe, the biggest sales spikes outside of the winter … Continued

Ecommerce 2021: Rethinking Digital Challenges & Opportunities

Forrester indicates that 27% of brands improved their CX Index score in 2020 – a notable jump. But the crisis made clear the gap between customer experience leaders and the laggards: 70% of the most digitally mature companies significantly outpaced their competition. To build up resilience and drive recovery in the long run, eCommerce merchants must … Continued

Why Merchants Need Buy Now, Pay Later Now

Buy Now, Pay Later (BNPL) has quickly become a popular online payment option. According to a PYMNTS report, Millennials and Gen-Z will spend 44% and 72% more on orders if BNPL is available as an option. To capitalize on this growth, one in three eCommerce retailers are expected to offer some type of BNPL payment … Continued

APMs Are Taking Over Europe

Across Europe, payment preferences are shifting to accommodate the consumer demand for simpler checkout experiences. As a result, alternative payment methods (APMs), such as eWallets and Buy Now Pay Later (BNPL), are becoming more popular throughout the region. Part of this is due to a growth in mobile commerce – more than one-third of eCommerce … Continued

The Ticket to High-End Fashion Recovery

Through the pandemic, China has proven to be the most resilient and fastest growing market in high-end fashion. The primary driver of that growth is the Chinese luxury shopper who has shifted their spending to eCommerce in the local market now that travel restrictions prevent them from shopping high-end abroad. Furthermore, new research predicts that … Continued

European eCommerce: Promoting Resilience in a Disrupted Market

European eCommerce began 2020 poised for continued accelerated growth – and then the pandemic hit, thrusting eCommerce into the spotlight. Now more than ever is the time for merchants operating in Europe to meet customers’ increasingly sophisticated expectations, and provide a consistent experience across channels and borders. Our European eCommerce Report, Promoting Resilience in a … Continued