Customer Experience

PSD2's Impact on eCommerce Merchant Profitability

While PSD2 intends to protect consumers from card-not-present (CNP) fraud and safeguard the European digital payment infrastructure, the directive is not without its checkout challenges. This blog explores PSD2’s impact on eCommerce merchant profitability.  Challenge 1: Squandered revenue potential from false 3DS declines and unoptimized exemptions For merchants, balancing superior customer experiences with PSD2’s narrow … Continued

Return Policy Abuse: Expert Advice for Merchants

Return policy abuse is on the rise, but existing fraud prevention tools simply weren’t designed with this challenge in mind—until now. Riskified’s Eyal Elazar, Senior Director of Product Marketing, and Joe Gelman, Product Marketing Manager for Policy Protect, offer their expert advice on how retailers can protect their bottom line and realize the true promise … Continued

Ecommerce Trends 2023: 4 Things for Merchants to Consider

The world is at a turning point as it exits an era of digital transformation. Ecommerce is still on a growth trajectory and is estimated to reach $8.14 trillion in global revenue by 2026 despite the hits it took in 2022. However, faced with rising energy and goods prices due to rising geopolitical tensions, global … Continued

ECommerce Fulfillment Still Matters: Are You Ready?

Fulfillment has become a top priority for customers. According to Shopify, 67% of U.S. consumers expect either same-, next-, or two-day delivery. Around the world, businesses are prioritizing fulfillment to meet this demand – evident in the arms race in delivery speed between Amazon and other big retailers. Last year, Walmart launched Express, offering two-hour … Continued

Ecommerce 2021: Rethinking Digital Challenges & Opportunities

Forrester indicates that 27% of brands improved their CX Index score in 2020 – a notable jump. But the crisis made clear the gap between customer experience leaders and the laggards: 70% of the most digitally mature companies significantly outpaced their competition. To build up resilience and drive recovery in the long run, eCommerce merchants must … Continued