As the global eCommerce market grows and fraudster methodology evolves, new fraud management approaches and tools are being introduced at a fast pace. Trying to stay on top of developments in the eCommerce fraud prevention landscape can be overwhelming and time consuming. Riskified is proud to present the eCommerce Fraud Solution Buyer’s Kit, a comprehensive series of resources designed to guide executives, decision makers, and procurement professionals through the process of assessing current fraud management performance and understanding which available approaches and solutions can best meet their needs.

CNP Fraud Lexicon: includes commonly used fraud terms, precise definitions of KPI terms, and explanation of industry jargon.

Assessing Current Performance: includes an explanation of which metrics and KPIs are important, who in the organization has this data, and how to benchmark your performance

Choosing a Third Party Solution: includes key considerations for procurement, selecting a good fit your organization and how to assess third party vendors.

Approaches to Fraud Prevention: includes an overview of the various approaches, pros and cons of every approach, and resources for optimal performance.

Publishing a Fraud Solution RFP: includes approaches to publishing a tender, conducting an efficient RFP process, and sample RFP questions (an editable list).

Additional complementary resources, including a presentation to convince management of the need for investing in fraud management, will be available in the coming weeks. We hope our kit can provide some guidance and insight to streamline your process. Should you have any questions about the kit or anything else, feel free to shoot us an email: