Fraud Prevention Solution Buyer’s Kit

Evaluate and assess your end-to-end fraud prevention strategy to ensure your solution delivers maximum ROI across the enterprise

March 2023

Inside this buyer's kit

Ever-evolving attacks, narrowing margins, and the rising problem of return policy abuse—these issues underscore the importance of a strong, end-to-end fraud prevention strategy. But it can be challenging to determine which capabilities and vendors can support your goals and deliver the best ROI.

This fraud prevention solution buyer’s kit offers a comprehensive series of resources to guide eCommerce business leaders through the process of assessing their current strategy and evaluating solutions. Get your copy to navigate the various approaches to fraud prevention and choose a vendor suited to your specific business needs.

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Table of Contents

Assessing and Measuring the ROI of Fraud Prevention Operations

Approaches to Fraud Management and Key Metrics

Seven Questions to Ask When Choosing a Fraud Management Partner

Appendix: Publishing an RFP for a Fraud Management Solution

Maximize your fraud team performance

Maximize your fraud team performance

Identify key opportunities and valuable use cases where fraud prevention strategies and insights can be applied to improve KPIs

Unlock new levels of profitability

Unlock new levels of profitability

Choose the right fraud prevention solution to drive predictable revenue growth and prevent risk from damaging margins and operational efficiencies

Promote customer retention and lifetime value

Promote customer retention and lifetime value

Find the perfect balance between fraud prevention and superior customer experiences to raise approval rates, curb policy abuse, and boost consumer trust