Executive Summary

This report addresses the challenges fashion retailers face as they try to secure long-term online revenue growth in a highly competitive business environment. It explores ways for meeting customers’ increasingly sophisticated expectations, including how to optimize the eCommerce shopping journey and safely expand across channels and borders. Inside you’ll find insights on:

Reducing friction in omnichannel flows: Whether shoppers are checking the web for reviews before heading to the mall, or using their mobiles to look up product information in-store, there’s no question that digital and physical channels have become intertwined. But giving consumers the option to efficiently shop via so many mediums introduces new pain points. We examine how fashion retailers can handle some of these challenges to provide a frictionless customer experience.

The benefits of AI technology: In 2018, fashion executives viewed technology-enabled consumer shifts as the most important trends. From delivering a personalized experience, to offering tailored options based on customer characteristics, technology’s role extends beyond bridging the physical-digital gap. This report touches on the various ways fashion merchants can take advantage of technology to grow brand awareness and lift eCommerce sales.

Global expansion: Retailers’ ability to cater to cross-border shoppers as a means for accessing untapped revenue has never been so important. Yet issues relating to localization, shipping, payments, and fraud are preventing fashion merchants from stepping out of their domestic comfort zones to create an efficient and profitable cross-border experience. Fortunately, as we discuss, these are barriers that businesses can overcome to thrive in the overseas market.

The rise of marketplaces: Online marketplaces are reshaping the fashion industry, with big players like Amazon becoming the baseline against which consumers judge their shopping experiences. But marketplaces have massive reach, which can jeopardize the brand experience. In this report, we cover pros and cons of marketplaces and discuss how retailers can foster a sense of loyalty and still benefit from the large user base of an established marketplace.  

Our report focuses on trends for promoting a convenient, customized and safe shopping journey. We believe this is integral to building a good brand reputation and boosting eCommerce revenue.