The True Cost of Declined Orders

The Merchant Risk Council’s 2017 Global Fraud Survey showed that the average online store declined 2.6% of all incoming orders due to fear of fraud, including 3.1% of all orders worth over $100. For a $25 million business, this means rejecting orders worth more than $600,000 annually. But the true cost of declines is actually […]

Plugging Into Growth in Online Electronics Sales

Online electronics retailers have plenty to be excited about. Global eCommerce electronics sales are projected to surpass $300 billion in 2018 – a 10.7% increase from the previous year. But taking advantage of this surge in sales is not a given, and electronics merchants will have to adapt to meet the rapidly evolving needs of their […]

How Fraudsters Exploit the Online Travel Industry

Think of a fraudster or other online criminals, and you likely imagine people trying to get customer details from Amazon, hacking into bank accounts to siphon off money, or extracting data from one of the big eCommerce retailers, software providers, or marketplaces. You probably don’t think of online travel businesses, such as travel agents, rental […]