Fraud Prevention

How Fashion Can Stay Digitally Resilient in 2020

While analysts expected fashion growth to slow down in 2020, none could have predicted a disruption that would contract the industry’s global revenue by nearly 30%. Store closures and shifts in consumer priorities impacted this decline, but eCommerce offers a lifeline for merchants looking to recoup lost revenue. Fashion retailers and brands must adjust their […]

Is AVS for Fraud Detection Still Relevant?

The address verification system (AVS) has been one of the most relied upon forms of fraud detection for years. It checks the billing address submitted by the card user during checkout with the billing address on record at the issuing bank. The credit card processor indicates how much of a match there is to the […]

High Intent Customers:
The True Cost of Losing Them

In 2019 US retailers spent more than $33B on digital advertising – a 20% increase from the previous year. Merchants make this investment to drive traffic to their websites and keep online shoppers engaged as they move along the funnel to checkout. Eventually, only a small percentage of site visitors make it all the way […]

Choosing a Fraud Solution: All You Need to Know

Some of the best insights for content creation come from our Sales Team, who get first-hand accounts on the various challenges merchants face. They get to hear about their unique pain points, including performance issues pertaining to their existing fraud prevention solutions. So we asked our Director of Sales (EMEA & APAC) Raz Vicerabin to share his […]

Authentication Layers:
Do You Believe in Free Lunches?

Part one: The Fraud Prevention Space’s Complex Optimization ProblemPart two: What You Can Gain by Partnering With a Fraud Prevention VendorPart three: An Overview of Fraud Management Solution Types: Pros & Cons Part four: What You Should Consider When Evaluating a Fraud Prevention Solution What is 3-D Secure? In this blog post, I will discuss the pros and cons […]