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Turn eCommerce fraud prevention into a growth engine with guaranteed performance and instant decisions.

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Future-proof your business with guaranteed performance

Our performance guarantee, including full chargeback protection, allows you to sell to anyone, anywhere. Keep your costs in check and stay competitive and efficient with an automated, self-optimizing fraud management solution.

How Finish Line automated their fraud review

Remove friction and maximize lifetime value

Accurate fraud review reduces false positives and allows orders to ship sooner. From mobile to BOPIS, delight your customers with instant approvals and smooth shopping experiences.

How reduced friction & lifted sales

Don’t let fraud hold you back from global expansion

Our platform scales to meet your needs. Partner with us to free your team from manual work and approve more good orders across markets and payment methods, from ACH and open invoices to digital wallets.


Explainable AI, not a blackbox solution

We provide context for every decision and empower your support and fraud team with dedicated tools. Use our Control Center to track performance or dive into the data to analyze fraud and payment trends.


Maximize conversions by boosting auth rates

Influence authorization rates by reducing fraud and closing the authorization data gap through direct collaboration between you and banks and issuers, like Capital One

See how Lorna Jane improved its authorization rate
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Analyst in Finance and Accounting, Airlines/Aviation
Guaranteed chargeback fraud

Riskified is our partner, our online anti-fraud tool, which guarantees chargeback fraud reason when it occurs. It has been important as the tool has calibrated itself over time, increasing approval and reducing risks.

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Consultant in Information Technology, Information Technology & Services
Riskified is a good solution to fight fraud

The chargeback claim process is seamless. We have not had many, but occasionally one will slip by Riskified. We are able to easily submit all the required documentation to Riskified through the platform and we get the money back because it is backed by Riskified's guarantee.

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Engineer in Information Technology, Internet
Riskified, accurate fraud prevention.

Riskified is a good option if you are an eCommerce. It facilitates the verification of fraudulent orders, offers visibility to the history of rejected orders, and facilitates detection and cancellation before orders are processed. It is also compatible with various e-commerce platforms such as Magento Commerce and PrestaShop, as well as PayPal, Stripe, and Deco, excellent payment solutions.

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A truly holistic fraud management solution

Dispute 2
Dispute Resolve

Automate disputes

Dispute Resolve automatically collects compelling evidence and manages chargeback disputes on your behalf. Provided at no additional cost, this service deters friendly fraud and allows you to cut operational costs, while driving higher accuracy at checkout.

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Verify borderline orders

Recover’s customer-centric flows are designed to verify borderline orders, reducing false declines and lifting the load from your call centers. Included as part of Chargeback Guarantee, Recover gives you more insight into and control over final order decisions.

What are false declines costing you?

How does Chargeback Guarantee work?

The most accurate decisions in real-time

Our machine-learning models analyze hundreds of features per transaction, generating accurate ‘approve’ or ‘decline’ decisions. We can provide sub-second responses to meet your needs.

A network with extensive breadth & depth

With nearly a decade of Chargeback Guarantee decisions under our belt, every decision draws on over a billion prior transactions processed for global eCommerce leaders across industries.

Aligned incentives ensure strong ROI

Pay only for approved orders that generate revenue. We guarantee approval rates and cover any chargebacks. This model drives our commitment to continuously reducing false declines and always staying ahead of fraudsters.

Michael Fleisher

Chief Financial Officer

Riskified has enabled safe, fast, and seamless payments throughout our collaboration. We’re excited to see what opportunities we can unlock in the future.



Reduction in the cost of fraud

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Trinidad Poisson

Sr. Manager, Fraud Prevention

The benefits we’ve had since partnering with Riskified, I would say one of the biggest ones is just being able to get orders validated in milliseconds from the time they are being placed.



Decrease in manually reviewed orders

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Groupe case study

Pete DeiTos

VP of Product

Riskified’s ability to provide a solution that scales to our growth objectives has proven to be incredibly valuable in helping to expand our business and bring on new customers.



Increase in transaction success

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Pascal Mafait

Senior Director of Fraud

With Riskified, we are more comfortable for example, to move into a new market, to move into a new vertical, to a new product that we do not necessarily have a lot of experience or a lot of historical data with.



“The fraud that does come in is covered by the liability shift.”


Dajana Gajic-Fisic

Leader of Ecommerce Risk Management

We have reduced operational costs, have a holistic view of where our fraud is and more time to focus on increasing sales.

Finish line


Decrease in chargebacks

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