Alon Livneh

Updates to Visa Compelling Evidence: What to Know about CE 3.0

Effective April 2023, Visa is launching the Compelling Evidence (CE) 3.0 program to update compelling evidence requirements for fraud category chargebacks. While the new framework is designed to help merchants fight friendly fraud, there are concerns about how it will impact the broader chargeback dispute ecosystem. Visa has assured merchants that if they can provide … Continued

The Full Cart, EP 203: The Policy Paradigm Shift

In the eCommerce world as in life, Q4–the “golden quarter”, as it’s often known–is responsible for about a third of merchants’ annual revenue, with a steep increase in sales and an influx of new customers. But after every high comes the hangover, with an overwhelming flood of remorseful buyers, conniving resellers, and just plain opportunists. … Continued

The Full Cart, Ep. 202: On the 2021 Holiday Season feat. Sucharita Kodali

  The holiday season is finally here, and eCommerce is positioned for double-digit growth YoY yet again. But along with an influx of shoppers, merchants are getting ready to take on never-before-seen challenges, from navigating the global supply chain crisis to striking a delicate balance between in-store and online channels. In the latest episode of … Continued

The Japanese Midyear Holiday Season

The Opportunity Summer is a season of increased spending across Japan, as people exchange Ochugen gifts. Riskified data shows a sharp increase in eCommerce transactions beginning on July 1st and continuing throughout the summer. This is a unique global phenomenon; In 2020, across most of the globe, the biggest sales spikes outside of the winter … Continued

Primed for Prime Day: The Dual Fraud Headache of Online Marketplaces

Get the whitepaper Online marketplaces have dominated the eCommerce space for the last decade, from giants such as Amazon, Wish, and Alibaba to vertical B2C/C2C marketplaces offering specialty curated goods, such as StockX, Vestiaire Collective and others. With Amazon’s Prime Day around the corner, the entire eCommerce ecosystem is gearing up for this year’s much … Continued

3 mCommerce Trends To Watch in 2021

People are turning to their smartphones more than ever, and retailers worldwide have had to launch or expand their online presence to protect their revenue and continue serving customers through lockdowns and social distancing. The outcome is not only greater mobile shopping activity but also fiercer competition as the online shopping field gets crowded with … Continued