Since early 2020, the COVID pandemic has thrust airlines into turbulence, with global air travel nearly slowing to a halt. More than a year later, it seems the travel industry is ready to take off again, but the journey ahead is long: according to the International Airline Transport Association’s (IATA) forecast, the industry is not expected to turn cash-positive until 2022, but airlines can’t afford to wait it out. The time for digital transformation is now, when airlines can introduce passenger-friendly policies, consumer-centric shopping experiences, and flexible payments and refunds.

In the first episode of season two of our podcast, Amine Boulaghmen, Head of Payment Facilitation Solutions at IATA, inspires airlines to shift perspective from “downtime” to “prep time,” laying the groundwork for meeting and exceeding customer expectations as the travel sector revives.

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Listen to the episode to learn about:

  • How the payment preferences of global travelers are changing
  • Why airlines should adapt and prioritize accommodating these changes
  • What’s the essential checklist for doing so on a strategic, technological, and foundational level

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