Fraud Detection Solution for eCommerce

Advanced Cutting Edge Technology

Fraud methodologies evolve constantly, growing more sophisticated as the eCommerce market expands.

Riskified's fraud detection solution protects eCommerce merchants from chargebacks while minimizing the impact of false declines on online revenues. Machine learning models eliminate the need to manually adjust fraud detection, and elastic linking drives decision speed and accuracy.
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Deep Learning Fraud Detection Technology

Our ability to accurately detect eCommerce fraud and identify good customers is powered by award winning behavioral analysis models. Riskified is the first and only solution to implement deep learning, the technology behind autonomous cars, for fraud prevention purposes.

Deep learning ecommerce fraud detection solution
linking technology

Our Global Network Works in Your Favor

Linking and analyzing order data from hundreds of merchants enables Riskified to avoid false declines and foil the activity of sophisticated fraud rings.
We implement lessons learned across our robust customer base to protect eCommerce merchants from fraud.

Riskified's industry-specific machine learning models ensure our eCommerce fraud detection solution is effective across verticals.

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Riskified’s Fraud Detection Process

Riskified's solution collects and analyzes volumes of data to reach the most accurate decision about every order reviewed for eCommerce fraud.
  • Our store front beacon generates valuable data directly from your eCommerce site or mobile app, providing powerful proxy detection capabilities, device and browser fingerprinting, and advanced behavioral analytics.
  • Riskified automatically augments this data with information from in-house resources, social media networks, and third party databases.
  • We use elastic linking technology to find connections between each new order and all other transactions processed across Riskified’s entire ecosystem.
  • Finally, our machine learning models analyze this information to determine if the order is legitimate, generating a clear ‘approve’ or ‘decline’ decision.


Proxy detection
Behavioral analytics
Device fingerprinting

Auto data enrichment
Social media


Machine learning


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