Recouping lost revenue

It's the Back-to-School Shopping Season: 3 Students You Are Falsely Declining

Online merchants rely on increased sales during holiday seasons to boost their revenue—and the back-to-school season is no different. This year, college students in the US are expected to spend over $70B , exceeding recent years’ spending. The return to the classroom bodes sales lifts for retailers across many sectors, including apparel, electronics, household supplies, … Continued

Chargeback Disputes with AI

As businesses shutter their doors due to the COVID-19 pandemic, consumers across the globe are staying indoors and focusing on essentials. People are turning to eCommerce for food, home improvement supplies and gym equipment, which puts strain on fulfillment resources that are already limited. At the same time, non-essentials, such as clothing and accessories, are … Continued

The New & Improved Riskified Cost of Fraud Calculator

Many of the conversations Riskified has with eCommerce merchants revolve around quantifying the impact of CNP fraud on their online business. It’s a tricky thing to figure out. There are chargebacks, sure, but then there are the costs associated with preventing fraud, like detection tools and operational expenses. And most hard to measure are false … Continued

Inside Our Shopping & Fraud Behavior Report

At Riskified, our work centers on relationships with merchants. Our favorite conversations are the ones about how we can help them approve more orders, operate more efficiently, and fend off the threats of fraud and false declines. But, in order to gain some new insights for 2019, we recently turned our attention to U.S. consumers. … Continued

A Field Guide to Boosting Omnichannel Success Through BOPIS

In their attempts to compete with online-only merchants, many brick-and-mortar merchants focus on building their digital operations and offerings. They see it as the key to omnichannel success. While a robust online footprint is critical for competitiveness, it’s not a panacea. By concentrating solely on what they lack, these brick-and-mortar merchants are losing sight of … Continued