Shalhevet Zohar

The True Cost of Declined Orders

The Merchant Risk Council’s 2017 Global Fraud Survey showed that the average online store declined 2.6% of all incoming orders due to fear of fraud, including 3.1% of all orders worth over $100. For a $25 million business, this means rejecting orders worth more than $600,000 annually. But the true cost of declines is actually … Continued

Reducing Credit Card Declines from AVS Mismatch

What is an AVS mismatch? And how does it apply to fraud? Address Verification System (AVS) was designed to combat Card Not Present (CNP) fraud. The idea behind AVS is simple: cross-referencing the numeric elements of the billing address provided by the buyer with the numeric portions of the billing address on file at the … Continued

Riskified’s New US Offices!

Riskified is excited to announce the opening of our New York City offices!   Located in midtown Manhattan, our US branch will serve as the base for Riskified’s merchant-facing operations in North America, including technical support, account management, and business development.  The new location joins our Tel Aviv headquarters to bolster our rapid global growth … Continued

Five Mistakes That Kill eCommerce Revenue

Ecommerce merchants spend significant time and money trying to optimize sales and the omnichannel shopping experience, only to harm revenue with conversion mistakes. This is especially the case in larger companies, as multiple stakeholders in separate departments often measure success differently. While Riskified usually focuses on fraud-related challenges and best practices, we are always happy … Continued

The Online Fraud Gender Gap

In the weeks leading up to International Women’s Day, research groups and media outlets publish reports on women’s status in society and on the gender gap in countries across the world. As an eCommerce fraud prevention company, we figured Women’s Day is a good opportunity to assess the state of women in online fraud – are female … Continued

Fighting Fraud in Fashion: An Infographic for Merchants

We recently released a special report about CNP fraud in the fashion vertical, sharing data-based insights about fraud patterns in the world of online fashion sales as well as actionable tips based on our experience in managing fraud for both retail and high-end fashion merchants. Riskified’s wonderful designers created the following infographic with some of … Continued

Fraud in Fashion: Distinguishing Friend from Foe

( This article first appeared as a guest post on the I Love Fashion Retail blog ) Fashion retailers, especially those selling luxury and high-end goods, are often targeted by fraudsters. While the rollout of pin-and-chip credit cards is expected to reduce fraud rates in brick-and-mortar stores across the US, this technology is not effective in … Continued

Merchant Spotlight - Q&A with Vestiaire Collective

Founded in 2009, Vestiaire Collective launched with the aim of offering a high quality online marketplace in which members could buy and resell premium desirable fashion in a trusted environment. The site stands out from other platforms due to its knowledgeable curation team, authenticity and quality control process, and its extensive active community of global … Continued