Omnichannel shopping flows are widely recognized as the keystone of a good customer experience. Merchants understand that the ability to decide where, when, and how to start and end a shopping journey has become a common customer expectation. So common, in fact, that failing to cater to it can push customers to the competition. But an omnichannel strategy is only as strong as the payments flow that connects it, according to Meirav Peled, Director of Partnerships at Riskified.

In the latest episode of The Full Cart, Riskified’s podcast about the eCommerce landscape, Meirav explains the important role that payment service providers (PSPs) play in providing an omnichannel shopping experience – and illustrates how things can go wrong when they don’t. Meirav also describes how PSPs are responding to the digital shift in eCommerce and introduces us to payment orchestration platforms. 

Listen to the full episode to discover best practices for maximizing your partnership with a payments provider.

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