Lilach Baumer

Ecommerce Trends 2023: 4 Things for Merchants to Consider

The world is at a turning point as it exits an era of digital transformation. Ecommerce is still on a growth trajectory and is estimated to reach $8.14 trillion in global revenue by 2026 despite the hits it took in 2022. However, faced with rising energy and goods prices due to rising geopolitical tensions, global … Continued

Using Stolen Credit Cards to Buy Gift Cards

With consumer spending remaining solid, the overall forecast for 2022 holiday season shopping will be better than expected. Still, fears of recession and rising inflation amidst supply chain woes weigh heavy on shoppers’ minds. This year, 60% of consumers will rely on gift cards to fill gaps in product availability and combat high prices. But to grow the bottom … Continued

The Role of CNP Fraud Prevention in Dark Web Database Breaches

Friendly fraud, policy fraud, and account takeover attacks are becoming more and more prevalent in recent years, and merchants are rightly worried. But the increase in “alternative” fraud methods shouldn’t distract merchants from what is likely to remain eCommerce’s main threat for many years to come: credit card breaches and its consequences, card-not-present (CNP) fraud.  … Continued

How Networking Is Driving Fraud Sophistication

The top post on the popular Dark Web forum DarknetMarketsNoobs is a pinned compilation of useful links and important previous entries. The helpful post serves well to illustrate just how outdated is the old trope of the lone fraudster working from their basement. Today, no fraudster is an island. Instead, fraudsters are part of an … Continued