Natalia Dinsmore

The Year That Fired Up The Sneaker Industry

This behavior confirmed a growing consensus that sneakers are becoming more and more like global financial assets. They trade like currency on a variety of reseller platforms such as Flight Club, Stadium Goods, and StockX. The year for sneaker fans, and fraudsters When we first provided an outlook on sneakers in June 2020, we predicted … Continued

A Helpful Hand: How Partnerships Can Boost Airlines’ Recovery

Airlines are not strangers to turbulence. But in early 2020, the COVID pandemic introduced airlines, and the global travel industry, to challenges on a new scale. With vaccine rollout, the future is promising but the business environment will continue to be a challenging one. If airlines take advantage of the current ‘downtime’  to prioritize cost-saving solutions, … Continued

ECommerce Fulfillment Still Matters: Are You Ready?

Fulfillment has become a top priority for customers. According to Shopify, 67% of U.S. consumers expect either same-, next-, or two-day delivery. Around the world, businesses are prioritizing fulfillment to meet this demand – evident in the arms race in delivery speed between Amazon and other big retailers. Last year, Walmart launched Express, offering two-hour … Continued

3 Reasons Airline CIOs Should Automate Fraud Review

At the virtual World Aviation Festival hosted in September, Air Canada’s CIO, Catherine Luelo, said new technologies are at the forefront of the carrier’s recovery strategy. “Out of great crises comes great innovation,” she said. This makes sense. With limited resources, airlines were forced to take a serious look at the tools and assets they’ve … Continued

Nothing Is the Same: Key Trends Impacting the Travel Industry

The COVID-19 economy led to major changes in consumer shopping habits. The last few months saw shoppers switch brands, adopt different fulfillment methods, go mobile, and much more. While the impact to each eCommerce sector varies, they all have this in common: customers are exhibiting new and atypical shopping behaviors. As the global travel industry … Continued