How do you tell a fraudulent transaction from a legitimate one? Most times, only a thin line separates the two. And as fraudsters become more sophisticated, they can mimic good customers to a greater degree of success. 

To better understand online fraud, Riskified’s analysts review countless eCommerce transactions a day. Their expertise helps them detect fraud attempts that may appear legitimate to the untrained eye. Now and then, however, they encounter fraud attempts so outrageous they leave little room for debate. 

On the latest episode of The Full Cart, four analysts talk about the most memorable fraud attempt they encountered. There’s the love-struck fraudster who harnessed the power of poetry in an effort to steal gift cards; the fraudster who tried to stay under the radar while placing a massive order of bidets (yes, the bathroom kind); and others. All these cybercriminals have one thing in common: they thought outside the box and paid the price for their originality. Listen to the full episode for four cautionary tales of online fraud attempts gone wrong.

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